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Purchases Analysis

The Purchases Dashboard offers a live snapshot of the company’s expenditures, spotlighting key performance indicators such as Purchase Document Count, Purchase Amount, and Invoiced Quantity.

Additionally, the dashboard showcases metrics from purchase orders, detailing the total PO Amount and Quantity, alongside outstanding balances.

Visual aids in the form of graphs and charts illustrate monthly purchase trends, average unit costs, categorization of purchases, and a ranking of top purchases. This data can be filtered to view specifics by item, GL account, vendor, or fixed assets.

Store Sales Analysis

The Store Sales Analysis dashboard allows you to track the performance of individual stores.

This focuses on six KPIs including Sales, Quantity, Cost and Profit. It compares store sales, displays weekly and hourly sales patterns, and showcases sales across cities. Plus, with the filter menu, you can select a specific store for more detailed insights.

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