Icons in Power BI


When using Power BI, we expeditiously use icons in our dashboards. Using icons in the dashboard plays a vital role in enhancing the user experience.

Icons are the visual cues that grab the user’s attention and convey information quickly and concisely. Icons hold the power to significantly enhance your Power BI dashboard in different ways. With icons, we can break down data into digestible components, making it easier for users to analyze the presented information.

This article provides insight on how to import your custom icons in your Power BI dashboard that can be used as a button that will make your dashboard interactive. Equipping you with the knowledge and resources from where you can get free icons that you can use as a button commercially.

Import Custom Icons in Power BI

To import icons in your dashboard to enhance its functionality: 

1. Navigate to the Insert tab in your Power BI desktop interface. 

2. Click on the button option and select the blank button. 

3. Place the blank button on the dashboard.