Quickly and Easily Create Any Business Report Directly Inside Excel

Cut Reporting Time and Costs in Half with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Reports from Global Data 365

We know that the primary purpose of your business process management solution is to gain valuable insight and answers from all the data that you put in it. Get the reporting flexibility you need with our solution of Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Reports together.

Jet Reports is an advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel and on the web. Designed specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP out-of-the-box, Jet Reports is an easy-to-use reporting platform where everyone can build reports and access your business data instantly.

No hard-coding required

Non-technical users can build ad hoc reports and queries without programming skills

Familiar Excel Environment

Familiar Excel-based user interface allows for fast training and adoption


Easily create and modify real-time financial and operational reports in any format you need

Automate Report Distribution

Schedule reports to run and distribute automatically using Jet Reports

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