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Streamline Your Financial and Business Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics Directly Inside Excel using Jet Reports

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See for yourself why over 500K+ users are using Jet Reports for financial and business reporting

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Ahmad Hammad, MBA
Ahmad Hammad, MBA
BI & ERP Specialist at SYH Retail - IKEA
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“Implemented Jet Report for IKEA with Global Data 365 who were professional, adhered to timelines, and provided advanced reporting tools. I highly recommend them."
Rukku Shantha
Rukku Shantha
IT Manager & Reporting Specialist, MPH Global
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"Collaborated with Global Data 365 on Jet Reports license and training. Very resourceful and quick to respond to support requests. Highly recommend their services."
Finance and Accounting Manager, ATC
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"Jet Reports exceeded our expectations with its many features. The training allowed us to create useful reports, and we highly recommend it for monitoring companies in the future."
Business systems analyst, Amref
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"Partnered with Global Data 365 for Jet Reports implementation. Their expertise and insights have been invaluable in automating management reporting. Highly recommend their services."
Tonderai Mazingaizo
Tonderai Mazingaizo
Director of Finance & Operations, Afghanaid
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“Incisive insights on Jet Reports and their capabilities in resolving financial reporting requirements”
Joanne Chong
Joanne Chong
Business Analyst at TG Group of companies
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“Global Data 365 had provided a in depth training to me that enabled me to start multiple report design and help the user to extract their data from Navision for reporting. They are helpful and responsive even after the training.”
Antonio Vasconcelos
Antonio Vasconcelos
Microsoft Dynamics Functional Consultant, Port Logistics
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“Global Data 365 implemented Jet Reports at my workplace. With their assistance, we were able to automate most of our reporting. Their support was excellent”
Iqbal M.
Iqbal M.
IT Project Manager at SMT Africa
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"Global Data 365's expertise with Jet Reports was instrumental in automating our reporting at SMT Africa. Their dedicated support and insightful training were exceptional. Highly recommend!"
Cesco Righetti
Cesco Righetti
Chief Financial Officer UK at The Arts Club
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"Collaborating with Global Data 365 for over two years, I've found them to be approachable and highly adaptable, even when dealing with unfamiliar territories. Our reports now run with exceptional accuracy and efficiency."
Ali Zahran
Ali Zahran
Max & Home Centre Brand Manager at Fashmore company
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“We took Jet Reports training from Global Data 365 which proved to be very beneficial for our team. They were very supportive and patient throughout the training and answered all our questions.”

What is Jet Reports?

Jet Reports is an advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel and on the web. Designed specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, it is an easy-to-use reporting platform where everyone can build reports and access your business data instantly.

Shrinks Your Reporting Cycles

Jet Reports streamlines reporting, enhancing business efficiency with automated data extraction and user-friendly templates. Jet reports boosts the performance , and empowers decision-making with powerful reporting, while saving time and reducing errors.

Real-Time Reporting with Excel

Jet Reports Excel add-in simplifies real-time reporting, seamlessly integrating ERP systems data into Excel for error-free, easy-to-read reports, boosting decision-making efficiency. It gives user-friendly visualizations, providing valuable business insights and boost decision-making process.

Self-Service Reporting

Jet Reports empowers non-technical users for seamless data manipulation, reducing IT load and fostering self-sufficiency. This leads to informed decisions, boosting productivity and efficiency with real-time insights.

Transaction-Level Dive

Access transaction-level data for real-time insights, uncover trends, and enhance decision-making efficiency. Analyze individual transactions effortlessly, empowering businesses to make informed choices and improve operations.

Jet Hub Anywhere Access

Jet Hub, a web-based platform, offers real-time report access from any device with internet connectivity. It automates report running and distribution, ensuring timely data for informed decisions, streamlining the reporting process for anytime, anywhere critical data access.

Compatible With

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

Our Jet Services

We are proud to be an authorized service center for insightsoftware’s Jet suite of products. We are fully equipped to provide seamless end-to-end services for Jet Reports and Jet Analytics.

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We use best practices to do standard implementation, as well as, help with customization of Jet Analytics Cubes and Data Warehouse.

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Do you find it problematic to design reports on Jet Reports? Our consultants are broadly experienced and can design customized reports from the given data and ensure to provide accurate outcome.

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Do you want yourself to master in Jet products? Whether onsite or online, our knowledgeable trainers will help you to become a Jet expert in no time. We offer basic to advanced training sessions.

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Are you still using the old versions of Jet Reports and Jet Analytics? Our experts can help you with smooth upgrades to the latest versions and help you start using all the new features that Jet is offering.

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From solving functional issues to technical problems, you can completely rely on us. Your personal Jet support assistant would be ever ready for you to assist you with any support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jet Reports is an advanced financial and business reporting solution inside of Excel. Designed specifically to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, it is an easy-to-use reporting platform where users can build their custom reports.

Jet Reports is used for creating custom reports in Excel using real-time data directly from Microsoft Dynamics ERPs and other data sources.

Jet Reports is an Excel add-in facilitating real-time reporting, in-depth data drill-down capabilities, user-friendly self-service reporting without the need for coding, and automated report sharing.

To activate Jet Reports in Excel, ensure you’ve acquired a license. We provide a free 30-day license for Jet Reports. After securing the license, install the Jet Reports application, and it will integrate seamlessly into your Excel interface.

Jet Basics is a free version of Jet Reports from insightsoftware with limited functionalities that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP. It facilitates the creation of basic financial reports within Microsoft Excel.

Jet Reports operates as a SaaS solution, offered through an annual subscription model. Pricing varies based on user count and connector types. For a precise quote, please reach out to our sales team.

Jet Basics is a free lite version reporting tool, tailored specifically for Dynamics NAV and GP, focusing primarily on GL table reporting. However, Jet Reports is a robust solution offering advanced reporting, capable of connecting with multiple data sources and accessing all tables in a database. For a complete reporting experience, Jet Reports is the optimal selection.

Jet Reports is a powerful Excel-based reporting tool, enabling users to create, customize, and distribute reports directly within Excel using real-time data from their ERP system. On the other hand, Jet Analytics is a complete Business Intelligence solution that offers data warehousing, ETL capabilities from multiple data sources, and advanced analytics on Excel and Power BI.

You can schedule a Jet Report by using the Jet Schedule feature in the Jet Excel Add-in. This scheduling tool offers the adaptability to automatically update the report and send it to the designated recipients in a variety of formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, or Web page.

Management Reporter (MR) and Jet Reports are both designed for Microsoft Dynamics data, but they differ significantly. MR, a standalone application, constructs report component by component, doesn’t allow report previews without assignment, requires manual addition of new accounts, and is limited to Dynamics data. Jet Reports, an Excel add-in, facilitates full report builds, easy toggling between modes, automatic data refreshing, data extraction from multiple sources, and works directly in Excel. It’s up-to-date and compatible with all new Microsoft ERPs.

Jet Reports for Business Central is a reporting tool designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It allows users to create custom business reports inside of Excel while directly connected with their Business Central data, streamlining financial and operational reporting without the need for programming or database expertise.

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