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Jet Data Manager Training Outline

  • Understanding the concept of Business Intelligence and ETL
  • Understanding Data Warehouse and Cubes
  • Creating Jet Repository database
  • How to create staging, Data Warehouse and Cubes databases
  • How to create staging, Data Warehouse and Cubes databases
  • Connecting the JDM project with NAV database
  • Bringing tables and fields to the JDM project
  • Applying Transformations and Data Selection Rules
  • Creating Lookup fields and making table joins
  • Creating a data warehouse from staging database
  • Combining multiple tables into one table
  • Renaming the tables and fields in Data Warehouse
  • Finishing up the data warehouse
  • Creating the Sales Cube
  • Adding Dimensions
  • Adding Calculated Measures and Business Functions
  • Adding Shortcut NAV dimensions
  • Execution Packages and Scheduling
  • Full Load vs Incremental Load
  • OLAP Security
  • Jet Data Manager Training Videos
  • Jet Data Manager User Guide

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