Jet Data Manager Training

Jet Data Manager Training

The Jet Data Manager training helps you learn how to customize Jet Analytics to meet your organization’s needs. Designed to provide foundational concepts around BI and how to successfully use the Jet Data Manager back-end tool, this training course will enable students to make modifications to Jet Analytics within their organization.

This training is best suited for experienced Jet Reports designers or members of the IT team familiar with SQL server concepts and database structures.

The agenda for the training is as below:

Session 1
Basic Theory & ETL
  • Understanding the concept of Business Intelligence and ETL
  • Understanding Data Warehouse and Cubes
  • Creating Jet Repository database
  • How to create staging, Data Warehouse and Cubes databases
  • Connecting the JDM project with NAV database
  • Bringing tables and fields to the JDM project
Session 2
Building Data Warehouse
  • Applying Transformations and Data Selection Rules
  • Creating Lookup fields and making table joins
  • Creating a data warehouse from staging database
  • Combining multiple tables into one table
  • Renaming the tables and fields in Data Warehouse
  • Finishing up the data warehouse
Session 3
Building OLAP Cubes
  • Creating the Sales Cube
  • Adding Dimensions
  • Adding Calculated Measures and Business Functions
  • Adding Shortcut NAV dimensions
  • Execution Packages and Scheduling
  • Full Load vs Incremental Load
  • OLAP Security

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