Turn Your Data into Profitable Insight with Jet Analytics

Jet Analytics

Fuel Strategic Decision Making and Growth with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Analytics from Global Data 365

We have the solution to transform your data into actionable insight with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Analytics, a fast and flexible corporate business intelligence and reporting platform.

By bringing all your data together in one place, Jet Analytics gives you accurate data you can rely on, with the ability to quickly perform sophisticated business analysis in Excel, Power BI, and on the web.

No IT Expertise Required

Non-technical users have the power to build and modify their own reports and sophisticated dashboards inside Excel or Power BI.

Turnkey Installation in Hours

The data warehouse automation platform we deliver gives you about 80% of the BI you need directly upon installation, saving on development costs and delivering value immediately.

Data Availability
On Demand

Access your analytics and reporting from virtually any device with a web browser for complete operational visibility from anywhere.

Reduce Cost
And Time

Eliminate complexity, reduce cost, and time to access your Microsoft Dynamics data and gather your legacy data into one place to see one version of the truth.

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