Summary List and Detail List


“Summary List” and “Detail List” are used along with the replicator functions NL(“Rows”) or NL(“Columns”).

Summary List

It provides a unique list of values from the chosen field. If a value is repeated in the table, you will only see that value listed once.

Typically it can be created using the NL Function. It consists of a replicator function – NL(Rows), NL(Columns) or NL(Sheets) – and data functions such as NL(First), NL(Sum), NL(Count) which reference the replicator.

It has a default sorting of ascending order based on the field used.

Summary list
Creating a Summary list of Item No. from Item Ledger Entry table

Detail List

A detail list produces a list of record keys based on the filters chosen instead of returning an individual field from the database.

A typical Detail List consists of one replicator function (which returns the Record Key) and one or more NF data functions which reference that record key.

The has a default sort order of ascending based on the primary key for the table used in the replicator.

Detail list
Function returning record keys from Cust. Ledger Entry table

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