Jet Analytics Connector for Excel Online

Jet Analytics provides various connectors for bringing data inside your Jet Data Manager. It provides you the functionality to import data from SQL Server, flat files and other custom data sources. One such method is to import data through Excel Online. You will learn how you can import data using Jet Analytics Connector for Excel.

Installing CData Provider

In your Jet Data Manager, navigate to Tools and select Manage CData Providers.

CData Provider

Select Add and then move onto the list of Data Source providers.

CData Provider

Choose Excel Online and click OK. This will download the required data source provider.

Data Source Provider

Setting up Data Source with Excel

Right click Data Sources and navigate to Add CData Data Source.

Data Source

Provide a suitable Name and set the provider to Microsoft Excel Online.

CData Data Source

At the bottom of window, select Authorize OAuth to configure the authorization.

You will be prompted to select your Microsoft account. After signing in, you will receive the message for successful authorization.

Jet Analytics Connector for Excel

On successful authentication, you will return back to Jet Data Manager. Now navigate to the OAuth section. Go to drop down list infront of Initiate OAuth and select the option REFRESH.

Jet Analytics Connector for Excel

Now provide OAuth Client Id and OAuth Client Secret. The default value for both of them is an empty string (” “). Click OK to close the window.

Now right click the data source and select Read Objects from Data Source.

Jet Analytics Connector for Excel

This will bring all Excel files available online and you can choose your desired file.

Jet Analytics Connector for Excel

Preview table to see the data.

Jet Analytics Connector for Excel

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