Jet Reports Snippets


Jet Reports Snippets are small, reusable report parts that can be dragged and dropped on any report.

Jet Reports Snippets

Creating a Snippet

To create a snippet, open the Snippet tool and highlight the range of cells that contain the piece of functionality for making a snippet. Then click on New Snippet.

Jet Reports Snippets

Using a Snippet

Snippets are an important Jet Reports tool such as Report Options and Report Wizard. In order to use a Snippet, you need to drag and drop it from the Snippets window to any cell of your workbook. Any existing Excel formulas, text, or formatting in these cells will be overwritten.

Editing a Snippet


You can rename a Snippet by selecting it first. Then press right click and select the option Rename.


Delete a Snippet by selecting it and then pressing the Delete button in the Snippet tool or by pressing the delete key.


You can replace the contents of the current snippet by selecting the region of the worksheet that you would like to use as the contents of the new snippet.

Organizing Snippet

Snippets are organized in a folder structure. They can be organized into folders using drag and drop or cut/copy/paste within the Snippet tool.

Sharing Snippets

Snippets are stored in the Jet Reports Snippets folder located in your My Documents directory. The location can be changed in the Application Settings.

The snippets can be shared by copying the snippet files from one user’s snippet directory to another’s.

Close and open the Snippets window and the newly added snippets will become available.

Sample Snippets

A handful of Snippets have been created to get you acquainted with this feature and to demonstrate the power of Snippets.

These Snippets belong to NAV and GP datasources and can be used together to easily create a variety of Reports.

The reports can easily be downloaded and extracted from .zip file. Copy these Snippets into your Jet Reports Snippets folder under My Documents, to get started with them.

MS Dynamics NAV (70 KB)
MS Dynamics GP (30 KB)

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