Report Options


To display the window when running a report, we need to select Report Options from the Jet Ribbon.

Report Options

After choosing it from Jet ribbon, the following window will appear:

Report Options

Report Options Fields

  • Title
    Contains the title of the field to be added as a report option.
  • Value
    Contains the value of the field in the report option.
  • Tooltip
    The message to be displayed with each option is written here.
  • Lookup
    Click the + sign to open up a window that provides the option to choose different values for a particular field.
NL Function

Report Options is an important Jet Reports tool such as Report Wizard and Snippets. When you run a report, the following window will be displayed.

By clicking the sign under Lookup, a new window will open where you will select values for your field.


The selected values will appear under the Value column inside the window. You can now run the report.

Report Options

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